Lawyers Need Websites – But They Also Need SEO Professionals

Websites as a tool for lawyers

Nowadays, everything exists online. There is absolutely nothing you cannot find somewhere on the internet. Everything that can be sold and everything that can be bought, no matter how obscure, certainly exists in some corner of the internet. This is also true, not only for tangible items but also if a business sells services. So it makes sense that something as essential as a legal advice provider abounds on the internet. Lawyers, either practicing privately or as an associate or a partner in a law firm, commission for their websites to be built to further reach prospective clients. A lawyer’s website is an important tool in finding anyone who might want to hire their services.

How does a search engine work?

To firmly grasp and understand what SEO is, first we must discuss how a typical search engine like Google works. Your typical search engine displays results based on several factors like a website’s metadata, keyword-rich and quality content, link building, the freshness of data, site speed, and somewhat to a degree, mobile-friendliness. A search engine takes in these factors into their algorithm and will rank results with the highest-ranking result being shown as the top search result.

What is SEO?

Now that we have discussed how search engine search results work, we can discuss what SEO is. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, this simply means optimizing your website to take advantage of the algorithm to work in your favor. There are two ways an SEO can optimize your website.

  • On-page SEO

– On-page SEO is optimizing what is written on your website. Building quality content is the main focus of on-page SEO

  • Off-page SEO

– Off-page SEO is optimizing what happens off of your websites like link building, social bookmarking, and site citations.

What does an SEO professional can offer?

An SEO professional is someone who has taken great measures to understand the underlying technical factors of a search engine’s algorithm. They understand everything when it comes to SEOs which enables them to implement favorable changes to a website for their clients.

How does an SEO professional help a lawyer’s website?

An SEO for lawyers can build a lawyer’s website to match keywords to the services they offer. Additionally, they can help in building a website’s metadata and link building which are too technical for an ordinary person to continuously take advantage of.